Nepal Drone 4k Video | Maula Kalika Temple | Gaindakot | DJI Phantom 4 | 2017

Description: मौला कालिका मन्दिर | डाँडा कालिका मन्दिर | गैंडाकोट | नवलपरासी | ड्रोन भिडिओ A 4k aerial footage of Maula Kalika Temple that lies on the top of the mountain at Gandakot, Nawalparasi Nepal. This video was taken using DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone. The temple has a long history and current assessment to build a cable car to this temple on the top of the mountain is underway. Nepal is a tiny yet naturally beautiful countries that lies between China and India. Gaindakot is in the Central part of Nepal across from a popular city called Narayangadh and at the bank of the holi river Narayani. The small town of maybe 30,000 people lies on the lap of a mountain called "Dada Kalika". On the top of that mountain lies a temple of Goddess Kalika. According to Hindu religion, Kalika is a Goddess of destroyer, principally of the evil forces. Please enjoy this video and the soothing music. The music is called Tenderness and is used under creative commons license. The original credit of the music goes to BendSound. Please visit their website at If you like our work, please subscribe to this channel and like us on facebook. You can find us on facebook at: Check out our other drone videos in the playlist below:
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