Nepal Drone 4k Video | Maula Kalika Temple | Gaindakot | DJI Phantom 4 | 2017 Description:मौला कालिका मन्दिर | डाँडा कालिका मन्दिर | गैंडाकोट | नवलपरासी | ड्रोन भिडिओ... Author:Duration: seconds
Tiger Attacked in Gaindakot Description: Author:Duration: seconds
Hamro gaindakot Description: Author:Duration: seconds
Dubsmash gaindakot Description:Halka ramailo chwok ma.. Author:Duration: seconds
Magar kaurah nacha New jagaran lafa club nawalparasi gaindakot Description:Nanda sarumagar. Author:Duration: seconds
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